All of us are active participants in our local communities. We walk down the same street each week to buy groceries, go to the nearby park on the weekend to walk our dogs and always drive along the same road to get to work. We know the bus schedule and where to go for a delicious meal.

We call this place home.

But the streets have a lot of litter. Most litter is intentionally tossed by a person or came from a garbage that was overflowing. And while the government spends (hundreds?)millions of dollars on anti-littering campaigns and cleaning litter, the issues are getting worse.

We hate dirty streets. It makes us angry to see trash when we step outside. Sometimes we step in it, sometimes our dog eats it and never makes our neighborhood look beautiful.

It’s time we collaborate and initiate change from a local level. We must act as representatives and come together to keep our streets clean. We want to encourage community collaboration to stand together and advocate for a clean neighborhood we can all enjoy.

It all starts from the street you live on. Your street.

Litter is rubbish. Let’s clean it up.

Participate in the cleanup.


We rely on you to help us make the streets clean, beautiful and livable. Drop us a line if you love your street and want to help or have suggestions about the app. #locallove